Cuteness Alert! Videos of Happy Sanctuary Residents

Gilbert, a young pot belly, at Goat Mountain Ranch before his neuter by a great mobile vet pig specialist. Click anywhere on the video to play.

Carlito, a young goat meets two very small lambs.

A little bit of goat mayhem while feeding and separating some of the larger goats into the barn:

A quick shot of Chewy. The herd was running by but he stopped for a photo op!

Lambs Lola and Ivey rip it up playing after arriving at Goat Mountain Ranch. Freedom is a good thing.

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MountainX: No such thing as a small potbellied pig

Potbellied pig, Rosie

Potbellied pig, Rosie

Check out this article by Rob Levy in the Mountain Xpress, No such thing as a small potbellied pig. Here is an excerpt:

I am the director of Goat Mountain Animal Sanctuary in Leicester, and some of the calls we get regarding pigs are from people who believed, when they purchased their potbellied pig, that it wouldn’t grow large — that it was some new, mini-type that would only grow to be 30 pounds. When the pig grows to the average size 80 to 125 pounds — and sometimes up to 150 pounds or more — they either can’t handle it, or their landlords tell them to get rid of it.

There is no such thing as a mini-potbellied pig! I was told by the director at a Ross Mill Farms pig sanctuary in Pennsylvania, which is home to 150 potbellied pigs, that perhaps an inbred runt could grow to be only 50 or so pounds, but that instance would be very rare. We have some here at Goat Mountain that are nearing 200 pounds.

Read the full article in the Mountain Xpress.

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Laurel of Asheville article features Goat Mountain resident



The latest issue of The Laurel of Asheville features Fletcher, who came to Goat Mountain Sanctuary as a terrified dog. Here is an excerpt:

A friend of mine recently rescued two dogs from a high-kill shelter in Georgia—Lucy, a Treeing Walker Coonhound and a Border Collie we named Fletcher—and brought them here to Goat Mountain Animal Sanctuary in Leicester. Lucy was so loving and outgoing that she was adopted by the first person that came to see her. Fletcher, however, was frozen with fear and refused to come out of his crate unless lifted up and carried outside.

When he eventually got up the nerve to leave the crate, he cowered in the corner on the staircase landing. So glued to this area was Fletcher that he wore out the carpet. I consider myself pretty in tune with animals, but I was unable help him overcome his absolute dread of strangers. One day, a friend told me about Joyceln Kessler, a pet psychic from California.

Read the full article in the Laurel of Asheville

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Sonia Brooks sings a song for Sanctuary resident, Tugen

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Video: Ozzie takes a step outside with an animal communicator (Part 2)

Part 2 of Ozzie meeting animal communicator Jocelyn Kessler. After Ozzie was confined to a stall for 5 years, the teary eyed animal communicator works with Ozzie to help him. He still holds emotions and hides inside his house even though he has a vast area to walk around in. See also Part 1.

YouTube Preview Image
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Video: Animal Communicator meets Ozzie (part 1)

Ozzie is blind, and was badly neglected before arriving at the Sanctuary a month ago. Jocelyn Kessler, an animal communicator, meets Ozzie at Goat Mountain Ranch Sanctuary. Stay tuned for part 2 of this meeting.

YouTube Preview Image
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Anonymous donor offers to match every dollar raised!


Goats in the pasture

Your donations will allow us to expand our pastures and therefore allows us to rescue more animals in need. Money raised will also pay for new pens and shelters for animals needing protection from the elements and predators. An anonymous donor is willing to match every donation through April 1st, finally putting our expansion needs within reach!

Goat Mountain Ranch Sanctuary is home to dozens of animals, including pigs, sheep, chickens, peacocks, dogs, a donkey, a cat, and of course goats! We have large pastures for grazing, but we’re only able to use a fraction of our available land because most of it is not yet fenced.

We are located just outside of Asheville, NC and are one of the few sanctuaries in the area who accommodate farm animals. Visit our Donate page to help!

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Welcome Fritz, the billy goat!

Fritz, the Billy Goat

Fritz, the Billy Goat

This handsome billy goat came to us from the Buncombe County Animal Shelter. He will live out a long and happy life at a foster home with other goats!

Thanks so much to the Asheville Humane Society for posting the great news on their website! And, of course, for all they do to help so many animals every day.

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The Laurel Of Asheville article on the Sanctuary

Photo from The Laurel of Asheville

Photo from The Laurel Of Asheville Magazine

The Laurel Of Asheville Magazine toured our sanctuary recently, and wrote a nice article in their February edition!

The article tells the story of how Goat Mountain Ranch Sanctuary came into existence, how it got it’s name, where the first animals came from, and much much more.

Pick up a free copy around town or check out the full story online. Here’s an excerpt:

Rob’s is an unintended sanctuary, resulting from several synchronistic events of which he claims to have been an unwitting participant. You see, Rob was a city boy in New Jersey, and had a career as an antique dealer with a piano restoration business on the side. Animals? He had two dogs. So where did all this start?

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Our new website!

We’ve got a brand new website! It’s now easier than ever for us at Goat Mountain Ranch to give you updates so that you can find out what’s happening here at the sanctuary. We hope you’ll check back often for new photos and information about the animals and latest events.

We look forward to a great year ahead. Happy 2012 to you all!

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